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Maximize meetings
for an effective outcome


When meetings and discussions aren’t being productive and you have difficulty reaching consensus, an outside facilitator might be just what you need. This independent voice, with the expertise to draw out ideas, strategies and solutions, can help your organization or group “get from here to there.” It also allows you to fully participate in the process, and provides opportunities for everyone to participate in the vision building process.

MAS can help

When a MAS Volunteer Consultant comes in to provide facilitation services, we’ll use our outside perspective to manage discussions and rely on our past experience to help your Board, committee or department get to a decision or plan by:

  • Drawing out goals, barriers, priorities and other strategic input from a planning group
  • Guiding Boards and senior staff to make tough choices and plan next steps
  • Facilitating planning and visioning of possible and desirable futures
  • Conducting consensus-building workshops

The team at MAS is knowledgeable and experienced – we’ve been there and done that, and we can put that expertise to work for you. Contact us today and together, we can create a platform for productive and effective meetings and implementation of solutions.

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