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Information Technology

Staying ahead of
rapid changes in technology

Information Technology Consulting for Non-Profits

You rely on information technology to deliver tools, information, services and support for your organization internally and externally. But IT is a complex and rapidly changing area that requires expertise that many do not have.

MAS can help.

MAS has volunteers with extensive experience in information technology, systems and automation. We can work with you on projects to answer these kinds of questions:

  • Where can my organization benefit from automation, and how do I do it?
  • If we need to buy or build a new system, how do I create a request for proposal? And can you help me write it?
  • Where does my organization stand in terms of technology, compared to other similar non-profits?
  • How do I assess my system and automation priorities?
  • Can I get advice on an architecture for technology in my charity?
  • Where and how can I improve on our use of technology?
  • Are there ways we can save money through automation or better systems?
  • What are the best systems for accounting, funds management and contact management for not-for-profits?
  • How do we do better IT project management?
  • Are there ways for us to discuss IT effectively at a board level?
  • Can you help me assess which areas in my not-for-profit could benefit from automation?

As the demands on your IT infrastructure changes, MAS can help you change with it. Contact MAS today to evaluate your current IT needs and plan for flexibility and evolution in the future.

MAS doesn’t build websites but our marketing consultants can help you figure out your key messages and what’s important to say with your website. We’ll also help ensure your brand is clear and consistent.

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