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Executive Coaching

Guide you in the right direction to achieve success


Coaching can help us get better at what we do by improving on natural strengths and abilities, increasing personal awareness and focusing attention on areas that will achieve results.

MAS can help

MAS can provide a seasoned coach who can assist in a range of ways from simply act as a sounding board to designing and conducting a results-oriented development process for more in-depth situations. For example, our coaches will help senior and mid-level managers with:

  • Moving into a new role
  • Adopting new management styles and improving skills
  • Improving interpersonal relationships and productivity
  • Handling crisis management situations
  • Creating greater work-life balance

Coaching by a MAS Volunteer Consultant can help improve leadership skills and put managers in a position where they are better able to influence staff and volunteers to achieve organizational goals. Contact MAS to develop a one-on-one approach tailored to the specific needs of the individual and unique demands of your workplace.

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