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Marketing Communications

Increase awareness,
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Marketing and Communications for Non Profits

Marketing and communications are critical to your success in getting the word out to internal and external audiences and making sure your vital services are widely known and clearly understood.

MAS Volunteer Consultants with marketing and communications expertise and experience can help you answer these questions

  • We are just starting out.  How do we develop a marketing plan to communicate with our stakeholders?
  • How can we increase awareness for our organization’s brand?
  • How can we clarify our messaging to make it easier for donors to remember and inspire them to give?
  • How can we address the key questions donors have of our nonprofit?
  • How do I assess my organizations current marketing investments to determine what is working and what isn’t?
  • How do I prioritize my marketing communication efforts to ensure they align with our strategic direction?
  • What key performance measures should we be tracking and what reports should be provided to our board?
  • How can I build capacity in our marketing communications team?  What tools or training should we be considering?
  • What support do teams need as they begin to produce marketing tools such as donor presentations, websites, speeches, thank you letters and social media content?
  • How do we create a communications issues management plan?
  • How do we identify and analyze issues and other information critical to clearly positioning our brand?
  • How do we assess and improve the strength and consistency of brand across our organization?
  • How can we leverage market research to support our plans?
  • What are the operational and resource implications as we develop annual implementation plans?
  • What are the training needs or skills gaps we need to address to successfully implement our plans?
  • How do we build a longer term brand strategy?

Let MAS help you communicate clearly to donors, funders, clients and staff. Contact us today and put our expertise to work for you.

For more information you can also visit our free publications page for our booklets on “Marketing Bootcamp for Small Non-profits” and “Midsized-NFP Marketing Audit” to help get you started.