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Strategic Planning

Effectively achieve your mission

Strategic Planning Consulting for Non-Profits

Every organization needs a strategic plan. Without one, achieving your mission is more difficult, and even more risky. A strategic plan can help to guide decision-making and action, give clear direction, and set forth indicators of success.

MAS can help

Together with an experienced MAS Volunteer Consultant, you can create annual plans that move you in your strategic direction and make your goals achievable. We will help you to:

  • Develop clear strategies, goals and measurement indicators
  • Identify and analyze issues, goals, concerns, and other information critical to strategic thinking
  • Clarify goals and priorities
  • Assess the consistency of programs with the organization’s mission
  • Clarify operational and resource implications
  • Develop operating plans, both long term and annual
  • Design outcome measurements
  • Help you develop a Strategic Plan

Contact us today and one of our MAS Volunteer Consultants will work with you to develop a clear, comprehensive and effective strategic plan, based on your organization’s goals and objectives.

Strategic Planning Presentation


Strategic Planning presentation:
This presentation will guide you through the steps for Strategic Planning.


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