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Because our Volunteer Consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds, with vast experience in different areas of business and operations, we can offer many different services and areas of expertise to your organization. Tap into our knowledge and our expertise to help you solve problems, work more effectively and efficiently, and do more for the people you serve.

Our Expertise

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Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Our Expertise

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Strategic Planning & Facilitation

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achieve your mission

Strategic Planning

Every organization needs a strategic plan. Without one, achieving your mission is more difficult, and even more risky. A strategic plan can help to guide decision-making and action, give clear direction, and set forth indicators of success.

Together with an experienced MAS Volunteer Consultant, you can create annual plans that move you in your strategic direction and make your goals achievable. We will help you to:

  • Develop clear strategies, goals and measurement indicators
  • Identify and analyze issues, goals, concerns, and other information critical to strategic thinking
  • Clarify goals and priorities
  • Assess the consistency of programs with the organization’s mission
  • Clarify operational and resource implications
  • Develop operating plans, both long term and annual
  • Design outcome measurements
  • Help you develop a Strategic Plan

Contact us today and one of our MAS Volunteer Consultants will work with you to develop a clear, comprehensive and effective strategic plan, based on your organization’s goals and objectives.

Strategic Planning Presentation

This presentation will guide you through the steps for Strategic Planning.

Maximize meetings for an effective outcome


When meetings and discussions aren’t being productive and you have difficulty reaching consensus, an outside facilitator might be just what you need. This independent voice, with the expertise to draw out ideas, strategies and solutions, can help your organization or group “get from here to there.” It also allows you to fully participate in the process, and provides opportunities for everyone to participate in the vision building process.

When a MAS Volunteer Consultant comes in to provide facilitation services, we’ll use our outside perspective to manage discussions and rely on our past experience to help your Board, committee or department get to a decision or plan by:

  • Drawing out goals, barriers, priorities and other strategic input from a planning group
  • Guiding Boards and senior staff to make tough choices and plan next steps
  • Facilitating planning and visioning of possible and desirable futures
  • Conducting consensus-building workshops

The team at MAS is knowledgeable and experienced – we’ve been there and done that, and we can put that expertise to work for you. Contact us today and together, we can create a platform for productive and effective meetings and implementation of solutions.

clearly articulate your impact

Outcomes-based Program Evaluation

Your stakeholders want to know what impact you achieve through your programs and services. You need to be able to clearly articulate your impact. OBPE is a methodology that assists you to clearly identify the client/community outcomes your programs and services are designed to achieve. It also helps you identify appropriate ways to assess to what extent you achieve these outcomes. This methodology can be used when designing a new program or to effectively measure an existing program. It is a powerful way to communicate the importance of what you do.

A MAS Volunteer Consultant can guide you on creating logic models that assist you in tracking and measuring:

  • the purpose and objectives of your programs
  • the resources used
  • the activities undertaken
  • the outputs produced by these activities
  • and ultimately the intended outcomes for its participants

The team at MAS is knowledgeable and experienced and can show you how to set up OBPE processes for measuring and reporting on outcomes of your programs and services. Contact us today.

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Ready to start on Strategic Planning or Facilitation?

If you are generally clear what help you would like from MAS you can fill out the Request for Assistance form. You will have the opportunity to talk with a volunteer consultant prior to finalizing the details of the project.

Some of our satisfied clients

Amazing Support

Thank you for the amazing support that you provided us during the past year for our Strategic Planning and Performance Management System.

Kristin Griffith
Executive Director, Harmony Hall

Absolutely Amazing

The ArtHeart Board has approved the strategic plan and is in the process of setting up committees and actually doing the items within the plan — so it's underway. You were absolutely amazing in guiding us through the process.

Seanna Connell
Co-Chair, ArtHeart Community Art Centre

Fantastic Job

MAS has done a fantastic job of facilitating working sessions that have resulted in real agreement and results. I would highly recommend MAS to any agency seeking support for this type of work.

Anne Babcock
COO at WoodGreen