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Where do you look for funds? How can you make the best case for receiving funds?

MAS Volunteer Consultants will educate you on what you need to know about fundraising. We will help you to

  • Identify which donors to target and which to ignore
  • Learn different types of fundraising, the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Create a realistic Fundraising Plan for next year
  • Recruit and manage a Fundraising Committee
  • Get feedback on funding proposals and what approach to take

Do more for the communities you serve.  Contact MAS today so that your fundraising volunteers can be more productive.

Fundraising Bootcamp


Fundraising Bootcamp for EDs of small nonprofits:
This booklet is the minimum an ED needs to know to get started in fundraising. EDs of small nonprofits need to identify their key donor segments, pick one fundraising activity and do it well.

Common Marketing and Fundraising Questions




This checklist should be completed by Executive Directors to diagnose if you have marketing or fundraising problems. MAS can help you. Fill in our Request for Assistance form here

Fundraising Tips for midsize nonprofits


How do you make sure your Fundraising department is working efficiently? How do you ensure that Board members are giving the support the Fundraising department needs? It’s more that just asking your friends to donate.

MAS Volunteer Consultants can advise you and your Board how to work together. We can

  • Clarify expectations you have of each other
  • Help overcome frustrations to produce a high-functioning fundraising department

Successful fundraising is your organization’s lifeblood.  Contact MAS and let us help you work smarter.

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