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What is Coaching?

Coaching has surged in popularity during the past 15 years. Not surprisingly, there are as many definitions of Coaching as there are Coaches.  Previously coaches were contracted to fix behavioural problems at the senior level, but as Coaching has become more common in the workplace, it has evolved to build on an individual’s strengths to help improve performance and personal effectiveness.

This is a concise and relevant description of Coaching, which can help to address the needs in many of todays’ not-for-profit organizations:

Coaching is a confidential, customized, flexible one-on-one interaction between an objective third party (the Coach), who is external
to the organization, and the individual (the Manager), who makes major decisions that impact the organization, has managerial responsibility, and wants to learn and grow.

Coaching programs are most often utilized when an individual moves to a new role, joins a new organization, gets a different manager, or during a restructuring/ time of significant change.

The Manager determines the specific goal. As a “partner” in a series of candid discussions, the Coach helps the mid-level manager to discover, learn, and think through important decisions to determine his/her own solutions. The Coach helps the Manager explore new ways of thinking, working, and doing – both personally and professionally – in a safe, nonjudgmental, private, and calm environment.

A typical timeframe for an Coaching process is 6 – 12 months, but this can be extended.

To be a successful process, the individual must recognize the need and want to change, be open to straightforward feedback and willing to be held accountable to the goal. Commitment to spending the time and energy required while handling numerous day-to-day organizational responsibilities is essential to achieving a positive outcome.

Keeping in mind that every situation is unique, here are some outcomes that are frequently achieved with Coaching:

The Individual

 Clearer vision of developmental goals and how to achieve them
 Increased self-awareness, confidence and ability to act faster and with more precision
 More ideas and options, resulting in better decisions
 Improved relationships and better management of others
 Greater job satisfaction and renewed organizational commitment

The Organization

 Better understanding of organizational issues
 Development and retention of highly effective leaders
 Increased satisfaction and motivation of employees
 Higher work performance
 Greater productivity and profitability

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Some of our happy clients

Amazing Support

Thank you for the amazing support that you provided us during the past year for our Strategic Planning and Performance Management System.

Kristin Griffith
Executive Director, Harmony Hall

Absolutely Amazing

The ArtHeart Board has approved the strategic plan and is in the process of setting up committees and actually doing the items within the plan — so it's underway. You were absolutely amazing in guiding us through the process.

Seanna Connell
Co-Chair, ArtHeart Community Art Centre

Fantastic Job

MAS has done a fantastic job of facilitating working sessions that have resulted in real agreement and results. I would highly recommend MAS to any agency seeking support for this type of work.

Anne Babcock
COO at WoodGreen